Simple and Stylish Accessories for the First-Time Accessorizer

Every year, new must-wear accessories can be found in stores and online. If you’re into fashion and accessories, you may flock to purchase these items and wear them for any occasion. However, if you’re not extremely fashionable, or if you’re just not into accessorizing, this may not be something you care too much about.

Sometimes, though, a great outfit can be enhanced with an accessory or two. If you’re new to accessorizing, or if you simply want to wear the bare minimum to enhance an outfit, the following are simple and stylish accessories for you to don.

Diamond Earrings

No matter if you’re looking for something classic or contemporary, a nice pair of diamond earrings will enhance any outfit. Diamond studs are a simple way to add flair to any outfit, no matter if you’re at work or heading out for a night on the town. They’re available in a variety of sizes too, so you can opt for small so that they don’t stand out, or wow people with an oversized pair.

If you want to truly add some pizzazz to an outfit, opting for dangle diamond earrings is the way to go. These are great for more formal occasions and look great whether you wear your hair up or down.

And don’t worry. If you can’t afford real diamond earrings, cubic zirconia earrings, like these round studs from Nordstrom, works just fine.

Gold Pendant Necklace

Gold is a timeless metal, and it too can look great in both casual and formal settings. If you’re looking for something simple yet stylish, a gold pendant necklace is a great option, especially with plunging necklines.

A simple, thin gold chain enhanced with a charm, such as a gold charm pendant from, is fancy enough to stand out on its own, yet subtle enough to match any ensemble. Plus, you can keep the same chain and change out the charms at your own convenience, making this a useful accessory for any individual.


Watches are another accessory that anyone can wear. Watches come in all shapes and sizes, and they range from fashionable accessory to everyday necessity. You can choose from name brand designers, or you can opt for a generic style that fits your needs. Plus, decide if you want the watch to stand out as the eye-catcher of your outfit, or if you simply want it to complete the piece.


Scarves are extremely popular, and they can be a simple yet stylish accessory for any occasion. There are a variety of different scarf styles to choose from—you can opt for a solid color or choose one that has designs or patterns for additional flair. Plus, there are so many different ways to tie a scarf that you can easily change the look of your outfit throughout the day just by tying your scarf a different way. If you’re not into jewelry, or if you just want to keep your accessorizing to a bare minimum, a scarf is a great first-time option that you will easily fall in love with.