Making date night count

One fundamental aspect of a successful relationship is date nights. Whether you’ve dated for a few months or been married for several years, this particular night is what keeps the relationship going even when times get rough. It acts as a space to remember why you got together in the first place. While this sounds romantic, it is quite difficult to sustain- it is evident from just how many couples don’t stick with it. It’s not intentional- life happens.

If you’re starting out your relationship or looking to reignite the spark, here are a few things you can do to prepare yourself for date night and also to keep it consistent.

Change things up

Nothing kills romance faster than monotony. Going to the same places doing the same things creates boredom. Soon, one or both partners will start looking for excuses to bail. In this internet age, there are plenty of resources in online to get ideas of things and places to go in your city. Make the initiative always to do something different.

You can each take turns and surprise the other to make a date more fun and exciting. That said, don’t make it about you- find activities that both you and your partner enjoy. There should, however, be a middle ground. If your partner is particularly fond of something, do it with them, and with a cheerful spirit. It’s all about compromise.

Making it about the two of you

Even though a tax lawyer Toronto firm is making you anxious or you’re behind on rent, keep these discussions for before or after the dinner date. Don’t turn this time into a business meeting. While your concerns may be legitimate and require urgent attention, a break to enjoy each other could drastically change your outlook when you finally get round to dealing with them.

In the same breath, don’t use it as a venting session for what the kids, boss or workmates did or didn’t do. Instead, talk about topics that solidify your intimacy.

Tease each other

Date night should not feel like an obligation. Instead, turn it into an exciting affair that breeds anticipation. That way, both individuals won’t need reminding when it’s coming up. Send notes, texts or tiny hints letting your partner know that you’re looking forward to spending time alone with them.

Surprise your spouse

It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but a thoughtful gift goes a long way in affirming your partner and letting them know you care. Find ways you can surprise them to make your time extra special.

Reminisce and dream

In life, especially when too much is happening at the same time, it’s easy to forget the things that matter. Remembering the good-old-days grounds you and helps you weather both personal and relationship storms that you’ll encounter along the way.

Are there plans you’d hoped to achieve together but are yet to manifest? Talk about the dreams you have for the marriage. You’ll be more secure in your vows knowing your partner is in for the long haul.



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