Fashion Tips for Older Women Above the age of 40

There is an absolute belief that older women need to dress in decent ways always -This notion is absurd to me because every woman has a right to select the fashion she loves and feels comfortable in no matter the age. I have been wondering where this idea of choosing clothes according to age came from as it lacks basis. Women over 40 can pick these dressing tips as long as they feel comfortable.

  1. Jeans Wear

You will never go wrong with a lovely pair of dark jeans. Choose a straight-leg or boot-cut jeans, and ensure they fit your butt and hips perfectly. If you need a larger sized trouser, a tailor can adjust it to a size that accommodates your thighs or hips.  Jeans look magnificent dressed up or down or paired with boots. I love putting on my fitted jeans with a pair of a silky blouse, t-shirt or a jacket.

  1. Pencil skirts

Wearing your beautiful and fashionable skirts are flattering, and versatile too. Get a dress that touches at your knee, and is not too tight or restrictive. Older women look appealing on Pencil skirts matched with a Pair of a high heeled shoe, such as a bootie, or wedge.

Wearing a dress gives you a feminine look. There are many styles of clothing such as a sheath, and fit-and-flare dresses which perfectly suits women in their fifties. If you have a wrap dress, you should wear it with the belt tied on the side. I love Sleeveless sheath dresses with a snug-fitting cardigan or jacket.

  1. Wear Cardigans

Cardigans are my go-to style piece. They’re suitable for any weather all year-round, and they keep you warm in a cold environment, or you can use it correctly for covering up your arms. Ensure your cardigan fits well, as loose-fitting cardigans can end up looking unattractive.

  1. Don’t forget your bag.

Handbags are must-have accessories that can accompany any outfit. You can carry a stylish bag no matter your age or the size of the bag, but always remember that a classic structured bag never goes out of style and is still on demand. You can choose bags of different colors and designs which blends with your every look.

  1. Personalize your style accessories

Black pantsuit and pearl earrings look modest and reserved. You can wear a black pantsuit with red heels to appear classy and elegant. Also, a pantsuit paired with a purple scarf and a green handbag looks lovely on women of all age. Accessories are the key to showing your style. Know the type of jewelry that matches your outfit according to different occasions. An older woman looks good on small earrings and longer necklaces which brightens up their appearance.

If you don’t worry about social-cultural norms, you may choose clothing styles that are fashionable, comfortable and fun to wear. For the women who have a strong personality and don’t fear wearing unique attires no matter their sizes, colors, and designs, are able to bring out their confidence and class.


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