Designer Kid Clothes – Great for Kids or Great for Parents?

When you purchase designer kid clothes, do you know if your children actually like them? Or do we buy designer gear because we are the ones who actually like it? This isn’t a superficial topic either, as the reality is that appearances do matter.

A Designer Kid Clothes Example

If you have had a look at the Dolce & Gabbana line of kid’s clothes, you will have notice how stunning it actually is. Since you probably want to look good yourself, this is something you also want to impart on your children and the rest of our family. Shopping for children’s clothes has always been reasonably easy, and it was believed only the rich and famous would even consider shopping for designer. However, these ranges do have something luxurious about them, something that is more sophisticated and beautiful than others. And we are now learning that although designer gear for kids is more expensive than regular ranges, it is not as expensive as adult clothing.

Do Kids Appreciate Designer Clothes?

It is a known fact that parents like it if their children are in designer gear. Parents always want others to notice how beautiful their kids are, and this can be achieved dressing the up in the range of designer kid clothes that is available. On the other hand, once your child is in a designer pair of jeans or gorgeous dress, it is likely that you will want to do everything you possibly can to stop them from getting it dirty. This means that kids are quite restricted in what they can do if they wear this type of clothing, and that can be stressful for both parents and children.

And then, there is the question if children care. Kids are not born understanding the difference between Gucci and some supermarket brand. They simply know that they want to be comfortable and free in their movements, and that the fabrics they wear feel nice when on. On the other hand, children do understand the positive feedback they receive from others – namely adults – who see them in designer gear and comment on their gorgeousness. So, in that respect, children do care about what they wear. Of course, as they get older and they start to gain a greater understanding of designers, they will start to enjoy it more as well.

So are clothes for the kids or for the parents? In reality, it is a little bit of both. Parents love to see their kids in something truly beautiful, and children will notice this as well. However, if you are going to dress your child up in kid designer gear, make sure it is for an event where there is little chance that they will rip or dirty their outfit. That way, both you and your child is able to enjoy the beautiful clothes they are wearing.

One final little thing to be aware of is that it is now increasingly easy to get your hands on designer gear at an affordable price, particularly by shopping online.