Clothing tips for a family ski trip

If you are heading off for a skiing trip with the family, you will need to get on top of the packing situation. A snow-packed, fun-filled vacation demands a variety of clothing, but you need to be organized to avoid duplications and luggage that simply won’t close. Skiing vacations aren’t like summer breaks; they involve carrying a lot of bulky kit along. However, putting a little thought into what you pack before you go will not only lighten the load but also make life on vacation more straightforward.

On the slopes

You will be outside in the fresh air and the sun may be shining, but it could still be icy cold. For each family member you’ll need to pack salopettes, jacket or snowsuit as waterproof outerwear on the slopes. Choose high quality ski clothing made from breathable fabrics with taped seams. When exerting yourself physically, it’s likely you’ll perspire, so breathable, thermal layering is a good idea under your outer garments to ensure you don’t get a chill from moisture trapped next to the skin. Keep everyone warm by including ski gloves and socks (including extra pairs for when they get wet), scarves, and, of course, ski helmets for protection and safety are essential for everybody in the party – just click here to see what’s available.

Other things you mustn’t overlook are goggles or sunglasses to keep out the glare. For time spent outside but not on the ski slopes, include for everyone outdoor boots that are warm, waterproof and have good grip, and also a cozy hat – fleece is a comfortable lightweight material that is ideal.


Having fun in the snow can be cold and wet, especially if you are a beginner on the nursery slopes. Falling down will be a regular occurrence at first, so a dry change of clothing will be necessary at the end of the day. Remember all those thermal layers you were wearing on the slopes? Well, you can press some of these into service during après-ski hours. Smart and thin thermal clothing looks sporty and stylish and can easily cut it for casual wear on a night out. Ski resorts are not formal places; nobody really dresses up in the evenings, so you can get away with low-key outfits.


Take along a high SPF sun cream to keep everyone safe all day long. The reflective surface of the snow exaggerates the sun’s effects, so regular reapplication is recommended, especially for young, sensitive skin. Remember also to pack warm nightwear for your tribe, no matter how comfortable the accommodation; in cold climates, bedtimes can be chilly affairs. After a long, tiring day on the slopes, you’ll be happy to kick off your ski boots and slip your feet into some warm slippers or indoor shoes to pad around the chalet.

When you get the packing just right, a family ski trip needn’t be a logistical nightmare. With good organization and planning, all the essentials for a skiing adventure can be distilled into a manageable amount of luggage, making traveling light a real possibility.