Are Your Rolex Watches Real? Here Is How to Check

Most people would love to own a Rolex at some point in their life and enjoy the status that comes with this. It is no surprise, therefore, that many people turn to buying a used model, as this means they can have the status symbol without the expensive price tag. However, being such a desirable item, they are also highly popular with counterfeiters and you must make sure that yours is the real deal. Here is how to do that.


Does it Have Major Flaws?

Rolex uses automatic movement in their watches, rather than quartz. As a result, the second hand moves smoothly across the watch, rather than having a standard “tick tick tick” noise that we see in quartz watches. The noise, which should only audible if you press the watch to your ear, should be quite rapid and very fluid and smooth. If not, you have a counterfeit Rolex watch on your hands. You should also check the way the second hand moves. This should also be very smooth and not look jerky or bouncy in any way. What you are looking for is a second hand that looks as if it is gliding across the watch face.

Check the Date

Some Rolex watches have a date under the 3 o’clock position. Not all of them do, however, but those that have it also have a small piece of magnification glass over this date indicator. It is incredibly difficult to counterfeit this, so you will usually see that fake watches either have a slightly larger than usual date indicator, or that they have a smudge on the watch face that makes it look as if there is a magnifying piece there, when there actually isn’t.

Another thing you can do with the date is change it. On a Rolex watch, this is done when you reach the 6 o’clock point, rather than the 12 o’clock point. So far, it is a mystery how Rolex has been able to do this, and it has proven virtually impossible to replicate. If you have a watch that changes the date at the 6 o’clock position when rolling it backwards, you most likely have a genuine item.

How Heavy Is it?

A Rolex watch is not a light watch. There are some exceptions, however. Rolex is notorious for its poor quality watch bands, so if you are purchasing a second hand model, the strap may have been replaced. Naturally, the seller should be completely honest about this. However, when the strap is replaced, the weight of the overall watch may change as well. Overall, however, you can expect a Rolex to be quite heavy. The value of the watch is in the watch itself, not the strap. Hence, it should be no less valuable even if a new strap has been installed, so long as the material is the same as what it was on the original watch.

Owning a Rolex is possible, so long as you know how to make sure to check you have the real deal.